Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,
My dog, Tootsie, is very jealous that Fifi has her picture on the web page. She would like to know how she can be featured in an upcoming issue. Her area of expertise is in canine gerontology with a special emphasis on hearing impaired dogs. She could also write an article on how to build a handicapped ramp for arthritic pets. Perhaps you might like to send a cub reporter to interview her.

Gilda Z. Jacobs, County Commissioner, District 23

Dear Commissioner Jacobs,
Thank you very much for your offer. In fact,we have reserved a space for your article in our upcoming issue. Your letter also reminded me that we have not alerted our readers sufficiently to the presence of the OUMMCBNOM web page. Yes, an OUMMCBNOM multimedia (well, not really) experience awaits you at


There, you can write to me and Prudence and Camilla, read an impressive collection of back issues, sometimes even catch a preview issue, and view the photograph of Fifi. If you would like to write to the OUMMCBNOM without all the web-page silliness getting in your way, feel free to send letters through any traditional means, or to


We look forward to hearing from you!

The Editor

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