Today, we have a special question which is posed to the entire Michigan State Legislature. We hope that you will find it informative.

Dear Legislature,
I recently had to sit through ten hours of proficiency testing. Why?

Bored in Berkley

Dear Bored,
As you may know, many students today are graduating without the skills to obtain a decent job. The proficiency test seeks to ensure that those students who have not received a sufficient education are kept in school until they can begin receiving social security.
It is clear that the grades a student receives mean nothing. The fact that a student has straight A's certainly is does not prove that they can read, write, and do arithmetic. These skills can only be properly demonstrated by a standardized test.
You complain that you had to spend ten hours taking the test. I am disappointed. You have forgotten the hours of class that were taken up with discussion of the test and teaching to the test; the hours you had to spend at home writing papers for your geometry and drafting class; the hours of class you spent doing nothing because the schedule was so disrupted. Each of these things is an important component of the HSPT--they help to ensure that the test is taken seriously. Hopefully, someday the HSPT can become the center of all high school education. Perhaps we can even abolish grades and credits and have graduation based solely on HSPT scores!
I thank you for your question. I hope that now you can reflect more positively upon your Proficiency Test experience.


The Legislature

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