Otherwise known as the "Official Unofficial Meenie Meenie Chillie Beenie
Newsletter of Michigan"

Late Fall Edition, 1995
15% gratuity added
Volume 4, Number 6

Suivez-vous cette station service!

Hello, and welcome to a very special issue of the OUMMCBNOM! "Why is this issue any more special than the other issues? Is not each a precious jewel, special in its own, way? How can one issue be labeled 'special' above the others?" you ask. First of all, as our most observant subscribers may have noted, this is the fortieth issue of the OUMMCBNOM! Yes, we will repeat, there have been thirty-nine issues of the OUMMCBNOM previous to this one, making this the fortieth issue ever. If this fact is not sufficient evidence for the overwhelming specialness of this issue, try this on for size: this is the only fortieth OUMMCBNOM ever! Never again will a fortieth OUMMCBNOM, other than this one, be in your little hands.
This is not the only way in which this OUMMCBNOM is unique, however. It also marks the return of Prudence and Camilla to the OUMMCBNOM staff! Hooray! Yip! A number of letters from OUMMCBNOM subscribers have been received by the duo, causing them to end their multi-month strike and return to work. While Pud and Cam were on strike, however, they applied for employment as lunch ladies at Big Al's Charter School and Shrimp Hut. They were subsequently hired as French teachers, Big Al citing their "new perspective on teaching," which became immediately evident even during their lunch lady interviews. So, Pud and Cam will be attempting to keep both of their jobs and fulfill their duties to both the OUMMCBNOM readers and their French students to the best of their ability.
While we have your attention, we would like to remind you of the "T'baccy" contest. On a more humiliating note, we would like to inform you that, thank to record-breakingly low reader interest, the YUB contest has been canceled and the YUB has disbanded, at least temporarily. Enjoy this issue of the OUMMCBNOM.
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