Volume 4, Number 3/4, Page 4

Marshmallow Despair

A tragic love story / Parody of Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms / Page Waster

Previously in Marshmallow Despair:  Fred is spending the summer at Camp
Hedonada where he has meet and fallen in love with Kathy Berkley.  The two
are enamored with each other, but fear the wrath of the Hedonada counselors.

Part III

	The next two days we were to camp in the woods a mile from the buildings at
Hedonada and near a part of the lake.  We were to walk with the other members
of our cabin along the trail through the woods.  There was a long line of
campers along the trail and my cabin grew impatient.
	"I know a shortcut," I said.  I lead the group of boys from my cabin off of
the trail and through the trees.  The ground was muddy and lifting our feet
from the wet dirt was difficult as they were thickly saturated with mud.  The
ground was wetter and wetter and the mud deeper and heavy like melted
chocolate as we walked farther.  I looked behind me and saw that everyone had
stopped walking.
	"What is wrong?" I shouted to them.
	"Eddie is stuck."
	"In the mud."  I went back to them.  They were trying to get Eddie out,
pushing and pulling.  He didn't budge.  Two boys from a different cabin
attempting a shortcut of their own came by.
	"Could you help us?" I yelled to them.  They looked back briefly and kept
running.  I pulled out the slingshot I had made the day before and shot it at
one of the boys.  He fell down.  I shot at the other and missed.
	"We have to keep going," said one of the boys from my cabin.
	"Eddie is not going to move."
	"He will not budge."
	"Eddie is stuck."
	"He is caught in this mud."
	"We will have to leave him stuck in the mud here."
	We continued walking.
	It was getting dark outside as we began to hear other voices.  The boys from
the other cabins were lined up near us and were setting up their tents.  Some
counselors were talking to a different line of boys.  As we neared the tents
I saw the counselors looking at me and the group I was leading.  A counselor
came over to us and pushed us into the line of boys.  I could hear what they
were saying to one boy.
	"Your cabin?"
	He told them.
	"Why were you not walking along the trail?" 
	"We were taking a shortcut."
	"Did you know that you were supposed to remain on the trail?"
	He did.
	"It is because of disobedience such as yours that we must have parents sign
	o many forms promising that they will not sue Camp Hedonada."
	"I beg your pardon?"
	"Your actions diminish the reputation of camp Hedonada and all the campers
	"If you are going to send me home, do it now.  I am sick of this
questioning."  The counselors spoke together.  One of the counselors pulled a
slip of paper from his pocket and wrote something on it.
	"Left the trail, to be sent home."  He escorted the boy out of the line and
back down the trail away from the campsite.
	I looked at the counselors.  They would send me home, too, if they got a
chance to question me.  I ducked down and ran for the lake and jumped in.
	The water was cold and I could hear the counselors yelling at me but I kept
going.  I picked up my head for a breath of air.  There was a tire floating
in the water and I grabbed onto it.  Pop cans swept by.  The water was very
cold.  The counselors had stopped yelling.  The shore was out of sight now.

Look for the exciting continuation of Marshmallow Despair in next month's OUMMCBNOM!

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