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Welcome once again to that friendly column which seeks to guide its readers
through the ins and outs of Republican philosophy.  Today we have a rather
interesting question.  If you have a rather interesting question, please send
it to: Kate Becker.

Dear Republican,
	I am curious about your reasoning on the issue of immigration.  In general,
those of your party favor restrictions on the number of people who can enter
the United States.  You have endorsed more restriction on what services the
government will offer illegal aliens.  However, now you have turned your
attention to those who have immigrated here legally, proposing things such as
not allowing them to receive government loans for college.  Why do you
believe that the children of legal immigrants to not deserve these benefits
and, more importantly, what is the cause of your seeming dislike for
immigrants?  Are we not a nation of immigrants?

			Querying in Quakertown

Dear Querying,
	The first thing you must understand is that America is the best darn country
in the world, and everyone in all those other countries knows it.  If we
didn't have restrictions on immigration, and policies which kept immigrants
and their children from receiving the full benefits of being a citizen,
everyone in the world would come to live in the U.S.A.  Because of this, we
must restrict immigration and the benefits immigrants receive.
	Remember that there are two main classifications of immigrants.  First,
there are those that get good jobs.  Second, there are those that go on
welfare.  The first group is too busy taking jobs away from real Americans to
notice how selfish they are in doing so.  The second group is prepared to
feed off the prosperity of Americans who have the initiative to go out and
get a job.  Either way, it is important to understand that immigrants never
spend money and they never create jobs.
	The earlier immigrants, from which you and I are descended, were different.
	They came from England.  So, you see that immigrants will never do America
any good.  Thank you for your letter.

					The Republican

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