Volume 4, Number 3/4, Page 1


Otherwise known as the "Official Unofficial Meenie Meenie Chillie Beenie Newsletter of Michigan"

Late Summer/Early Fall Edition, 1995 $1.00 plus shipping and handling
Volume 4, Number 3/4

It is not possible to make a mistake.

Please receive our joy-filled welcome to this, the newest edition of the OUMMCBNOM. Inside you will find some of the choicest pieces of writing available. This month, we are proud to present our special fiction double issue, filled with some of the best short stories of the year. Through this issue, we hope to showcase some of the great talent you may have not seen in previous OUMMCBNOMs. Of course, we will have all of our usual delicacies ready for you to enjoy, as well.

We are dismayed to report that Prudence and Camilla have still received no letters, and their strike continues. We have asked you politely for letters, we have compromised our dignity and begged that you send Pud and Cam letters; soon our only option will be threats on your homes and pets. And we wouldn't want that to happen, would we? Although Pud and Cam have taken the brunt of the letter-writing drought, the Editor, too, will be using up its last letter this month. "How do the little tragedies of their petty little lives affect me?" you ask. If you do not act now, next month you may open your OUMMCBNOM to find only Danforth, writing lonely letters to himself.

In other unhappy news, the failure of readers like yourself to submit lyrics to the YUB make soon cause this promising young band to break up. "Our talent lies in composition, in playing our kazoos, and in our ethereal voices; we have no skill at writing words which will move our audiences," said one YUB member. They need your help! Please submit your lyrics to an OUMMCBNOM staff member at your earliest possible convenience. Thank you. We hope that you enjoy this edition of the OUMMCBNOM.

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