Volume 3, Number 8, Page

Letters to the Editor;
Dear Prudence and Camilla;
Letters from the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
	I would like to inform you that the pictures now running rampant in readers
letters are extremely difficult to recreate on the OUMMCBNOM Printing Office
computer.  For example:
      ?                                        ?
detailed drawing of tree               self portrait of

As you can see, art is very difficult to create on our computer.  Please
advise readers to either start giving donations for a new program with which
the printing office staff can utilize their full artistic abilities, or to
not include illustrations with their letters.  This applies even to
illustrations made of symbols included on the keyboard-last month's Tilde Man
took a very large amount of time to draw.

The OUMMCBNOM Printing Office Staff

Dear Prudence and Camilla

Dear Prudence and Camilla, I would like to take this opportunity to inform the OUMMCBNOM's less knowledgeable subscribers of a truly notable fact. The German term for bookworm is leseratte, which translates literally into "reading rat." Since the especially quirky idiomatic expression seems to indicate that rodent literacy has become a high priority within the nation of Germany, I would like to suggest that all works of literature collected during the OUMMCBNOM's bookraiser be shipped directly to Berlin. None of said literary works are in German, but I am sure that many rodents of Berlin have learned the English language in elementary school. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Fiction Fiend in Ferndale

A Letter From The Editor

I hope that you have enjoyed this issue of the OUMMCBNOM. Remember that, hopefully, two more new OUMMCBNOMs will be on their way before you have even finished reading this. Thank you for all your good wishes in this difficult time for the OUMMCBNOM. We hope to be able to bring you good news about the Sea Ferret soon, but in the meantime, don't forgot to write to Pud and Cam and the Editor. See you next issue!

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