Volume 3, Number 8, Page 3

The Extra-Special Poetry Feature

The following is a translation of the poem My Love Came Up From Barnegat,
freed of all its silly literary devices so that one can witness the story it
tells in all its nakedness.  Please refer to your handy English book to see
the original version of the poem.  Enjoy!

I met this guy from Jersey 
But we must have been closer than previously thought
His eyes were blue. Because when he left
He walked kind of softly, I saw my name tattooed on his fist
and wasn't particularly honest. inside a heart.

He was blond "I'll be back in a couple of days or decades
and had a perm. (sooner, I hope)
I though how, when he was old, I'll make you stop crying
he'd probably be gray. by defacing a boat," he said.

He was a year away from legal drinking
then, [Several stanzas concerning the man's     
We loved sin fondness for fish heads have been omitted.]
and sin loved us.

His feet were faster than the wind Will he ever come back from Jersey
They helped him balance. With thunder in his eyes
He was brown as dirt Walking kind of softly
and could have used some patching. and not being particularly honest?

He was really muscular
and dumb as wood.
He also had little wrists
and big fingers.

I didn't want to hug him,
because he was scary
and had blue

He was strong and lengthy
[this line does not translate properly]
I was in love with him
but only a little.

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