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Dear Republican,
	Before the 1994 elections, your party was quite enthusiastic about term
limits.  Now, their love for this idea is waning.  Could it be that term
limits were appealing only when they promised to remove Democrats from
office?  Are Republicans' convictions so fickle?  I am also concerned by the
fact that the failure of term limits to pass the Senate is being blamed on
the Democrats.  Correct me if I am wrong, but are not Republicans the
majority party in the Senate?  Therefore, if a majority of Senators voted
against term limits, mustn't some of those voting against term limits be
Republicans?  Please explain the situation to me.

		Dubious in Darien

Dear Dubious,
	Some Republicans did indeed change their opinion of term limits once the
election was over.  However, it was not because of political concerns, but
because they felt that term limits truly would be bad for the country.
	Before the election, they truly thought that term limits would be good for
the country.  Should Democrats become the majority party again, we might
believe that term limits would be good for the country.  You see?  No
self-interest here.
	As for your charge that the failure of term limits should not be blamed on
the Democrats, it is quite clear that this situation is the Democrats' fault.
	As I explained above, had Democrats been the majority party, we Republicans
all would have voted for term limits.  Their sneaky political move of
becoming the minority party caught us Republicans, perhaps a bit naive in our
quest for what is good for America, off guard.  Thank you for your letter.

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