Volume 3, Number 7, Page 7

A Letter From The Editor

I hope that you have enjoyed this issue of the OUMMCBNOM.  In case you did
not read it, let me summarize the information you need to know: the ship Sea
Ferret, on which Prudence and Camilla were traveling near Iceland, has been
lost; the OUMMCBNOM has eliminated all subscription fees; and the mission
statement contest voting has begun, and will end on May 18.  That concludes
this edition of the OUMMCBNOM.
 Without publicity there can be no 
 public support, and without public 
 support every nation must decay.
 - Benjamin Disraeli
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 OUMMCBNOM!  Write to KT Becker@aol.com.

The Berkley/Troy Community Problem Solving Team Wants You!

But we will be happy just to take donations. Money will be put toward transportation to and room and board for our trip to Providence, Rhode Island, where we will be competing at the International Future Problem Solving Competition for our Community Problem Solving project involving gifted education and the need for more challenge in education in general. For more information, contact Sharon Ram, Amy Kohn, Kate Becker, Emily Daligga, or Mrs. May.

A Belated But Politically Correct Holiday Wish

We at the OUMMCBNOM would, regardless of your cultural background, like to wish you and your family (assuming you have one, though you are no less valid a person if you do not) a happy and joyous (though we respect your right to feel miserable) holiday season, whatever religion you practice (if any). Whether you worship a god, a squid, yourself, or nothing at all, we hope this season brings peace (loosely speaking, of course) to your home (or tent, wigwam, box, or tree house.) Happy holidays!

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