Volume 3, Number 6, Page 6

Pud and Cam Go To Washington

Prudence and Camilla recently were in Washington, D.C. testifying before
Congress regarding their relationships with the President.  Here, they tell
their story of exactly what happened,

 We arrived in Washington, D.C later one afternoon and immediately began a
delightful tour of the Smithsonian.  Unfortunately, after Prudence
spontaneously hopped aboard the Spirit of St. Louis, we were quickly escorted
to the door.

 Early the next morning, we met Senator Ted Kennedy for a quick drink.  He
treated us, and even offered to let us stay at his place that night.  While
we were tempted to accept, we didn't want to miss our flight home.  Later
that afternoon, after polishing off two Shirley Temples and a few tequilas,
the three of us headed to the House of Representatives chambers.

 Once we arrived there, we took our seats before a long row of men clad in
dark suits.  They asked us questions, and we told of how each of us had had
affairs with then-Governor Bill Clinton while he was living on the Alaskan
frontier.  We were unable to provide details, but we also mentioned rumors of
Clinton's relations with a moose who later died a tragic death, devastating
the President.

 After a grueling fifteen minutes, we were permitted to leave, and proceeded
to have a picnic lunch on the White House lawn.  When we had finished, we
returned to the hotel to collect our baggage, and headed to the airport.

 As our plane took off, we waved good-bye to our nation's capital, a majestic
sea of white buildings.  We left with a feeling of pride.  It had been a
difficult experience, but we had done our duty.  Despite our personal pain,
we had served our country, and the large sum of money we received for doing
so had absolutely nothing to do with it.  We swear.
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Prudence and Camilla at 	 Prudence and Camilla at the White House
the Capitol Building   

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