Volume 3, Number 6, Page 5

The Great OUMMCBNOM Book Raiser!

Put your callipygian little self into the neener seat, grab a netop, yerk
your roddikin off the shelf, be prepared to walm with excitement, and get to
the Great OUMMCBNOM Book Raiser for Rodent Literacy (GOBRFRL) even if you
have to nuddle the car there.  Why is the GOBRFRL destined to be the event of
the year?

*Books will be collected to donate to the RLC
*Special appearance by Fifi, OUMMCBNOM staff marmot
*Results of mission statement contest will be announced
*Awards for Galvanized Steel Contest will be given
*Free food

Now that you see why it is absolutely imperative that you attend the GOBRFRL,
let us explain exactly what it is.  As you know, the Rodent Literacy Campaign
(RLC) is facing financial disaster, and it is up to you to help rodents all
over the world learn to read by bringing one book, in good condition, to
serve as the price of admission to the GOBRFRL.  The books collected will
then be donated to the RLC (all books not needed by the RLC will be donated
to local homeless shelters).  The GOBRFRL will take place

Sunday, March 5 1995
5:00 PM
at the OUMMCBNOM Printing Offices

R.S.V.P. if you plan to attend by March 1.

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