Volume 3, Number 6, Page 2


Welcome once again to "Ask the Republican."  Today we will explore yet
another aspect of the apparent hypocrisy of the Republican party.  Are
Republicans really this contradictory?  Read and learn.

Dear Republican,
I have noticed that there is a contradiction in your beliefs about how the
constitution should be interpreted--as a sacred, if you will excuse the term,
document, or as one which should be changed as public opinion dictates.  On
one hand, you believe that because the second amendment guarantees the right
to bear arms, no gun control should be implemented.  You overlook the fact
that the intention of this amendment was for citizens to be armed so that
they could fight in wars and that therefore, since we have an army today, gun
control does not interfere with the purpose of the second amendment.  But you
nevertheless believe in following the second amendment to the letter.  If the
great "founding fathers" said so, how can we dare to disagree?  However, when
it comes to prayer in school, your opinion differs.  It would seem that you
believe separation of church and state needs only to be followed loosely or
that it should, in fact, be done away with.  Why do you treat these two
elements of the constitution so differently?

		Puzzled in Panama

Dear Puzzled, 
 Republicans such as myself do see separation of church and state on the
right to bear arms very differently.  This is because one is a fundamental
principle of our country and the other was really just bit of whimsy.  The
right to bear arms is vital to life in the United States.  Where would we be
today without guns?  I shudder to think of an America without firearms.  This
whole separation of church and state thing, though, belongs in the same
category as most of the rest of the first amendment.  It really doesn't
deserve all the attention Liberals give it.  Besides, if all Americans held
Christian beliefs like they should, we wouldn't have any problem with the
separation of church and state at all.

		The Republican

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