Volume 3, Number 12, Page 5

GOBRFRL A Success!

	The Great OUMMCBNOM Book Raiser For Rodent Literacy was a great success.
	The event, held March 5, was attended by many an OUMMCBNOM subscriber.  A delicious
dinner was served, consisting of the finest offerings in pizza, pop, and potato chips.  
Two more boxes full of books were collected to be donated to the Rodent Literacy Campaign.
	The highlight of the evening was the appearance of Fifi, former pet marmot of Prudence 
and Camilla.  Fifi wore a stunning gown of pink satin which had been specially designed 
for the evening and greeted all the guests.
	We are sorry to report one bitter aspect of the evening, however.  As you may know, a 
letter published in the OUMMCBNOM after the GOBRFRL suggested that Fifi had not actually 
been there and, moreover, that she did not actually exist.  Fifi was quite offended by 
this letter and sent a letter of her own to the OUMMCBNOM stating "If you believe that 
I do not exist, it would be useless for you to donate books to the RLC.  Please take 
them elsewhere."  The entire OUMMCBNOM staff, particularly Prudence and Camilla, have 
been made lachrymose by this.  The books were, however, donated to COTS, a homeless 
	COTS was decided upon as the organization to which to books should be donated because, 
while it does have a library, it is not extensive.  If you have more books which you 
would like to donate to COTS, please contact the OUMMCBNOM.

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