Volume 3, Number 12, Page 3


	Yes, you read the headline correctly.  It's that simple to be a part of the OUMMCBNOM's
new contest!  As you may know, a number of OUMMCBNOM staff members have formed a band
(a yet unnamed band, or YUB).  However, the members of the YUB are rather uninspired 
musicians, and need help writing lyrics for what will soon be their chart-topping songs.
	So, now is your big opportunity to help, and maybe become an international star in 
the process.  Write lyrics for the YUB, either to your own original tune, an existing 
tune, or to no tune at all!  Submitted lyrics will be judged on the following:

 Poetic quality
 Appeal to wide range of audiences  
 Value of message 
 Use of imagery
 Overall practicality for YUB
 Correct word use/grammar  
 Failure to mention Melissa Thullen

Extra points will be given for:

	"This contest simply couldn't be more exciting!" you exclaim.  But you are wrong!
Unlike most contests, this one has an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF WINNERS!
If your lyrics are found to be acceptable by the YUB, your song will be in their 
Now, before you start writing your brilliant lyrics, a few final details.
You can submit as many sets of lyrics as you wish, but they must be in the hands of
an OUMMCBNOM staff member or YUB member by September 15.  But the sooner you get 
them to us, the happier the YUB will be.  Lyrics should be written or typed legibly.
If you have set them to an already existing piece of music, please specify what 
it is.  If you have composed your own music to accompany your lyrics, please write 
it down or, if you can't, provide a tape of you singing it for us!
We know that, for some of you, just writing songs isn't enough.  You want to be a
part of the YUB!  You have other talents that will be useful (i.e. singing, playing the 
kazoo, finding suitable name).  If this is so, please write the YUB at 
KT Becker@aol.com.

	We hope to see your musical creations soon!

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