Volume 3, Number 12, Page 2


The Editor, who is rather cranky for lack of letters, has told us that perhaps it is time to give the address for our column again. Here it is: KTBecker@aol.com

Dear Republican,
	I have been confused recently by what seem to be inconsistencies in the policies
of prominent Republicans.  The inconsistency which I would like to address today
is one of many which John "The Egg" Engler has been displaying in the past few 
months.  He and many other Republicans have been spending a great deal of time 
speaking of the virtues of allowing communities more control over their own laws,
regulations, etc.  However, when the time came for The Egg to show that he 
actually believed this, he instead demonstrated the opposite.  The situation of
which I speak is that of gambling in Detroit.
	Although the citizens of Detroit voted to allow it, Mr. Engler would not 
legalize gambling.  Does this not show that the Governor is a tad hypocritical?

		Probing in Progress

Dear Probing,
	The Governor voted against gambling because he really thinks it is wrong.
When we say that issues should be brought to local communities, we refer only to 
the issues that these communities will make the right decisions about.  In this 
case, the people of Detroit made the wrong decision, so Governor Engler thought
it was necessary to keep them from making this terrible mistake.  They really 
don't know what's good for their city, so sometimes we have to help them.  I'm 
sure you understand this.  Thank you for your letter.

      		The Republican

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