Volume 3, Number 12, Page 1


Otherwise known as the "Official Unofficial Meenie Meenie Chillie Beenie Newsletter of Michigan"

 Late Spring Edition     What'll you give us for it?
 Volume 3, Number 12

What are you looking at?

Why, you are looking at the one and only thirty-fifth issue of the OUMMCBNOM. Not only is this a special issue in that respect, but it is also the last edition of the third volume of OUMMCBNOMs! For our slower readers, this means that we will be beginning our fourth year of issues with the next OUMMCBNOM. Thank you all for your loyalty over the past years. In this issue, you will find even more than is contained in your typical OUMMCBNOM. We have a new contest so that our subscribers can stretch those mental muscles despite the absence of school, an original fiction piece, a report from the GOBRFRL, and more! Now that you see how much time we have spent preparing a very special OUMMCBNOM for you, we would like to remind you of the OUMMCBNOM mission statement contest. If you still have not voted, please do so as soon as possible. It would mean a lot not only to the OUMMCBNOM staff, but to your fellow subscribers, and to all the people who took the time to carefully create and submit their mission statements. We would also like to report that Prudence and Camilla's behavior recently has been rather enigmatic. They have not been seen recently at OUMMCBNOM staff volleyball games or barbecues, and we fear that their health may be failing. We would like to suggest that perhaps a letter to the pair might help to lift their spirits. That's all for now. Enjoy this edition--the 35th, mind you--of the OUMMCBNOM!

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